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SEABA was initiated by 26 regional blockchain companies and entities includes Energy Eco Chain Foundation, PT Fin block, Block Technology Ltd and PT Go with mi Technology etc. It was formally established on August 23, 2018 and registered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As an international open organization, SEABA has won the support of ASEAN Technology Development Center, and the government of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia etc. The former Secretary Minister of Economic Coordination of Indonesia, Mr. Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo , and the former Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore, Mr. Lim Hng Kiang, served as honorary advisors.

Our Members



Provide intra-industry dynamic information, regional country policies and related laws and regulations of blockchain for all the SEABA members;


Provide platform and supports for SEABA members to cooperate and complement with each other, share resources, and promote mutual cooperation;


Organize events and activities to promote, introduce blockchain technology and applications, and promote the development of SEABA members;


Establish multi-level cooperation with all levels of governments, enterprises associations, alliances, etc. in various countries;


Formulate relevant rules, norms and standards to promote healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry .

Development Plan


Based in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, we will promote cooperation among the enterprises and entities in the blockchain industry, attract more members to join in, and expand the volume and influence of SEABA;


Accelerate the development and establishment of local service platforms in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., and increase interaction and cooperation with major markets such as China, South Korea, Japan and the United States;


SEABA will become an internationally influential blockchain alliance in  Asia-Pacific region, and it will promote regional blockchain enterprises’ cooperation, resource complementarity and sharing, and promote the large-scale application of blockchain technology.